Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peace ..... and Quiet

I long for peace. I am looking outside at the new fallen snow. It is so beautiful. As long as I am inside looking out. Once I have to be out on the roads it becomes ugly. That is because driving in the snow I find no peace. I am anxious and afraid. It is difficult for me to find peace in that situation. But then I think of this verse:

I have learned to quash my anxiety by being still and letting Him drive. Yes, I still have physical control of the car, however, He calms my heart and makes the trip much more peaceful. It is in that moment that I learn what peace can be.

I need to be still and listen more often. Sometimes I get caught up doing all the praying and forgetting to listen for an answer. When I get stuck on a lyric for a song I sit there and wrack my brain, when maybe I should just shut up and sit in silence for a little while. It is He who is giving me these songs anyway, right?

And so I am back to staring out the window at the new fallen snow. And I realize how still and quiet it is out there. Even the earth listens for God to speak. 


  1. That was my verse last year. It is truly not something that comes easy for most in our journey. But it is truly something we are asked to do. In being still, we finally let God speak instead of us always speaking. In being still, we must listen. In being still, we must rest in our busy worlds. It is something SO needed by all, though those that don't know Jesus don't even understand how to get peace.

    But it does come. Sometimes it slips in quietly before you even realize it's there...kinda like the snow.

    Anywho - love you today. Just had some time with God praying for you.

  2. Snow reminds me of the pureness of God's love falling down on his children - and then the ugly slush it turns into reminds me of our sin. The ice it sometimes produces reminds me of slipping and falling (into sin). God keeps trying to purify us, but....we just keep slipping and falling and turn into slush.

  3. Christy, I love the scripture too, "Be still and know that I am God..." How much this short little passage conveys! Yes! Even the earth listens for God to speak. Do you sense God's presence more keenly during a snowfall? I think He whispers to us in the snow. It's like He's asking us to slow down and listen.